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Agriculture sector contributes to one-third of the nation’s economy and has further potential with the production of exportable agricultural commodities facilitated by the diverse geographical niche with micro climate. The advent of the National Agricultural Policy 2061 and Agri-business Promotion Policy 2063 along with the inclusion of Nepal into the World Trade Organization calls for the promotion in the production of commercial, competitive and quality agro-commodities as well as their export in the national and international markets. This aims to develop a competitive agriculture system to decrease the trade deficit and make Nepal a front runner in the regional and global market.

Recognizing export of the agricultural products as the base for decreasing the national trade deficit, the Agricultural Commodity Export Promotion Program was established under the Department of Agriculture, Agri-business Promotion and Market Development Directorate in FY 2061/62 for developing the pre- requisites of domestic market to link with international market.

Kanchan Raj Pandey
Project Director

Information Officer

Information Officer
Gopal Sharma Lamichhane
Senior Agri Extension Officer
Mobile No.: 9841373987

Assistant Information Officer
Samjhana Koirala

Agriculture Economist

Mobile No.: 9843334542

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